Clover Products Australia

Clover products are world-famous for their high quality standards.

Whether you want notions, tools and haberdashery for knitting, quilting, embroidery, sewing, pom-pom making, yo yo making, or a huge variety of other crafts, we have all the best Clover products here for you in Australia.

All items are shipped direct from the importer's warehouse in Melbourne, Victoria.  We only send to Australian addresses due to the high costs of overseas postage.

Note that we are neither the manufacturers nor the Australian importers.  We are a retail business like any other, but specialising in these wonderful Clover products - bringing them all to you in one place.

IF YOU ARE TRYING TO CONTACT US:  The best way is to go to the Facebook page ( and send a message there.  Please note that quite often we don't know you haven't received your goods unless you tell us. :)

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