Order Processing

Here is a quick overview of how we process our orders.  This might help you understand the meanings of your order status.  You can find your order status by clicking on My Account at the top of the site.  Log in if you aren’t already logged in, and you can see the list of your orders.

When you first place your order, it will have a status of Pending.  If you pay using PayPal, PayPal will tell our system they have received your payment, and the status will change to Processing.  If you pay using credit card, we need to manually process that payment, and when we have done that we change the status to Processing.  We normally do this once a day.

As soon as the status changes to Processing, a message is automatically sent to the warehouse telling them what you want, and where to send it.  The warehouse is only open on week days, and is closed on public holidays and for a period over Christmas.  We always put a notice on our web site over Christmas when the warehouse is closed.

Note:  The warehouse is run by the importers, Ascot Lane.

Once the warehouse has your parcel ready, they send us an email to let us know.  We then go into our system and change the status of your order to Completed.  Because this is not an automated thing like when we notify the warehouse, it might be the next day before we get a chance to update the status of your order.

The parcel is sent using Australia Post registered post, and there is a tracking number.  At the moment, we are not being given that tracking number unless we ask for it (but we are looking at how that can be changed).  So if you are worried about where your parcel might be, get in touch and we can ask the warehouse to give us your tracking number (there might be a delay if the warehouse is closed when you ask).  Then you can look up on the Australia Post web site and see where your parcel is.